Alex Rozanski


It’s all in the details

I’m a software developer living in London, England. I currently work at Facebook.

My speciality is building custom user interface components for Mac and iOS applications. I design these to build upon platform conventions both in how the user interacts with them, but also how they’re implemented in code. I’ve built and released several open source components, information about which is available here and are all hosted on GitHub. Some of my open source projects have even been used in applications including VLC 2 for Mac, and the ADA-winning Sketch 2. I’ve also been heralded Lord of table views because of my extensive development of list-based UI controls.

I strongly believe in the importance of functional design, not just aesthetics, and I care (sometimes obsessively) about the little details. I question every element in interface designs, and use only those which contribute something to the whole product. I believe in design which is tailored to the respective platform, and think that cross-platform applications usually provide a sub-par experience for all.

You can get in touch with me here, and I can also often be found making sarcastic remarks and other musings on Twitter.

About this site

This site is built using Jekyll for simplicity and ease of customisation. The content is typeset in runda (and also inconsolata for code formatting), and is served by Typekit.

The CSS is hand-coded in Stylus and then compiled to regular CSS and minified in the site’s build process. CSS media queries are used to optimise layout for desktop, tablet-ish and mobile-ish sized screens.

Additionally, the excellent retina.js is used to serve high-resolution versions of images (where available) to devices with Retina screens.