Alex Rozanski

New Blog

It’s been over a year since I’ve done any proper writing, partly due to being busy with one thing or another, but I’ve decided to get back into it, as I often have thoughts and comments that are too long to summarise on Twitter.

I know it’s often unfair to blame one’s tools, but I feel that one of the main obstacles that stopped me writing much on my old blog was my blogging platform of choice — Wordpress. Although a powerful and deeply extendable tool, I grew to really dislike Wordpress. Most customisations and tweaks felt really complicated and/or hacky, and I found myself particularly frustrated with its editor interface. Most of the time I ended up writing in an external editor then copying the text into the pseudo-WYSIWYG web-based editor and formatting it correctly, which was rather tedious.

A Simplified Workflow

I’ve also come to really like iA Writer; it’s definitely my favourite text editor and use it both on the Mac and iOS. Its killer feature has to be its simplicity, and looks beautiful on both platforms.

So I built my own blogging engine as a little side project1 (I know many others already exist), which takes simple text file input (in Markdown, of course) and spits out HTML, which means I can write using whichever editor I like.

I also knew I wanted a new, cleaner design, that would be easy to view and use on mobile devices. I wanted to keep everything lightweight so have styled the site with CSS media queries to be usable on — particularly — iPhone and iPad-sized screens, without having to serve separate pages for different devices.

I like to keep my designs clean and simple and try to make them as easy to use as possible and logically structured which is part of my motivation behind my design decisions. I also opted for a narrow column for the body text on article pages, with a slightly larger text size than normal, both for easier reading. The site is set in the beautiful runda, which I feel has the clarity and cleanliness of Helvetica, but with a bit of character.

Old Blog

For the time being, I’ll keep my old blog up, but I’m not yet certain what I’ll be doing with it in future – however I’ll be doing all my writing here from now on. I’ve moved across and updated information about all my open source projects, which can be found here and all are still up on GitHub.


If you want to read what I’ll be writing, you can subscribe to my feed or follow me on Twitter – I’m @alexrozanski.

  1. Trivia: it’s written in Objective-C and Cocoa. (Naturally). 😏 

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